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Fan belt needed


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Does anyone know of a place to get a new fan belt for a 1930 Dodge DC8? I have had the car for many years and am close to trying to start it but need a fan belt as the one on it is crumbling. Any help is appreciated.

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I would take your old one to a John Deer or other tractor place to match one up. You could take it to NAPA, but I am not sure if they will physically try to match one up for you.

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In my swapmeet notes I have the following listings. I have found them in various old and not so old catalogues.

Gates web site catalogue says it is a TA 21/32" x 40-5/8", TR24400.

Dunlop listed it as V32 = 38-5/8" x 51/64" x 7/16" - 38 degrees. I think that is inside length and angle but not sure about the other numbers.

Another lists it as 38.5" IC x 23/32" top - 38 degrees, 41.2" OC.

Goodrich list #100; Dayton V2, V57, V71, VC58, depending on the book!

Durkee Atwood #114-A. Emsco 68. Gates 670, 761.

Firestone 8, 37. Gilmer V-11, V-79. Holfast 398, 400.

Raybestos & Greyrock V-556. Thermoid V-38, V-94, V-63.

I hope this is of use to you, at least the size info.

Any photos of your car?

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Keiser, NAPA (here in my small town) will do all they can to help us old car buys but my belt is so far gone that I don't think it would make a good sample to measure.

Spinney, You listing is of great help and with the right size and numbers, can now look for the right belt without just guessing. Thanks to both of you for your replies and help. I am going to try to get the car out of it's storage space in the next few weeks and as soon as I do, I will post a picture or two. It is in need of a total restoration and I do have some plans for it but it will not be a fast or easy journey. I do want to get it running and see what I have to work with, then take it from there. I might have a little fun driving it around in the local area before I start with my plans. Thanks again.


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