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1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Campbell Ad Agency Proposal Mockups for Magazine Ads - SEEKING INFO

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I'm hoping to learn more about some items I recently acquired. These are original advertising agency mock-ups / proposals for Chevrolet Camaro SS / Nova SS / Chevelle SS magazine ads. According to the seller I purchased these from, they originate from the Campbell Ewald ad agency, which makes sense as they were Chevrolet's agency during this time. They aren't marked, however, so I'm not certain.

These items are rough mockups - 2 are hand drawn and 2 are 'collages' with cut-out images glued to paper. The cut out images were clearly done by an artist using a fine knife as they are extremely neat and trimmed very professionally. Other than the main slogans, they use lines or lorem ipsum as place holders for text not yet created. I have collected literature for a while now and have never come across anything like these - they're really an incredible view into the behind the scenes creative process at the time.

The four pieces are:

1) 1969 Camaro SS - hand drawn with the slogan "To come close to Corvette, we picked the best sports car brains around - our own'. I've seen this slogan used before but never this type of image.

2) 1968 Camaro - hand drawn with the slogan "The cars you hate to get out of". This one included a very rough concept sketch which describes the figure to be included as "an older sporty (Barry) Goldwater type with a beard and large sunglasses"

3) Collage image with the slogan "Chevrolet Builds them Healthier". Ad was to cover Nova SS350, Camaro SS and Chevelle SS 396. (1967/68?)

4) Collage image with the slogan "Chevrolet Turbo-Jet V8s are what put the soup in super sporting". Covers Camaro SS and Chevelle 396 (1967/68?)

I was hoping that someone here might be able to provide more information about these proposed ads - who created them, where were they intended to run, did these proposals (slogans, designs, images) lead to any actual ad campaigns?

Thanks in advance for any insights or theories!










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1) Not a '69, (the white one) but looks like a mock up for the '67 model or what the agency thought a '69 might look like? 3) Red and yellow/gold Camaros and the gold Chevelle are '68 models 4)The green Camaro and red Chevelle are '68 from what I can see. A strictly Chevrolet/Chevrolet SS forum, may have some information on these. Take a look at Chevrolet forum at this site.

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Thanks for your insights and suggestions! Due to the nature of these pieces, I would definitely expect that the cars illustrated wouldn't match the exact models. The marketing person behind these would have been more focused on showing their style concept for the ads than the accuracy of the models pictured. I'll try a post in the Chevrolet area later this week.

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It is true that pictures do not always match up in ads with what was actually on the street. There is a famous/infamous first generation Camaro SS ad that clearly shows it was a 327, not a 350 or larger....

Let me also suggest that you go to the Camaro Research Group (CRG) Forum: http://www.camaros.org/forum/index.php

There are a lot of knowledgeable people there concerning all things Camaro, including a former Norwood plant manager.

You'll have to join the site, but that's free. Posting is very similar to this site.

Nice find, BTW!

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