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Large diameter wheels for custom project 18"-22" (ohio)

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Hello all. I am working on a custom speedster project based on an old '32 Chevy 1.5 ton chassis. I am converting the chassis over to '59 chevy 6-lug truck brakes. I am looking for a set of large diameter wheels (18-22") about 4.5"-6" wide. They will need to fit or be adapted to fit 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern and 11.5" diameter brake drums. I'd be interested in seeing any wheels that you might have. I am looking for the early 1900's-1930's vibe. Wood spokes, wire spokes, smoothies, etc. If you have something I might be able to use, please let me know details and send pictures to: hotrodderguy@yahoo.com

I am in Ohio

Thanks in advance.

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