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BRUSH Owners Meeting At Chickasha PreWar Swap Meet


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There will be a meeting of Brush owners and enthusiasts on March 19th at the Chickasha PreWar Swap Meet. We will get together at 1:00 PM at our Brush Owners booth in the North Building, space ND10. This is the same space we have had for the last couple of years. Please stop by and join us. We are hoping to discuss ways to grow the Brush Owners Association, and always have great fellowship talking about our projects and activities. If you have any items you are looking to sell, feel free to bring them and use the space.

If you think you might be attending, please let me know so we can get a head count.

Feel free to give me a call if you need any information on the meet.

John Guy

Ph: 832-2442101

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This years meet was a lot of fun, but it had rained pretty hard and the outside areas suffered. Some of the bigger vendors didn't show. The meet has changed over the last couple of years....yes, there does seem to be a lot of Model T stuff. Not very many younger visitors. My youngest is 9 and we have been going for the last 5 years...our tradition. Not very many young ones....it is a "graying" meet for sure. Not much in Brush stuff. We did have a good meeting...about 10 attended. We will have the same booth next year.

John Guy

Ph: 832-244-2101

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