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This a very nice restored original 1942 Chevrolet 5 Passenger Special Deluxe Coupe. In excellent condition with a nice black lacquer paint. Chrome is real nice with the optional bumper ends for front and back. Has a 1960 Chevrolet 6 cylinder engine that looks and runs excellent. This is probably better than the original 6 cylinder that these came with originally. Has a new Hampton Coach interior with simulated wood graining done nice. New white wall tires. Fulton sunvisor so cool. Dual exterior rear view mirrors. Original Chevrolet radio converted to 6volt AM/FM. Working spotlight. Rear fender gravel guards and nice exterior stainless. Wind up dash clock works. Accessory interior fan,signal lights,3 types of horns, underseat heater,defroster,compass. Very rare 1942 Chevrolet fog lights. Has third center bumper guard that can be tilted down to access rear trunk opener. Just a loaded 42 Chevy. Car has the title and registered currently in Connecticut. Underneath the car is just mint. Clean,painted no rust and a new muffler has been installed. I am asking $26.000.00 for this rare and sharp car. Also have the ownersmanual and shop manual. You can contact my on my cell 203-870-5248 Thanks or email 1954caddy2@gmail.com thanks Gary
















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Yours is the first `42 Chevy I`ve seen equipped with stainless trim.. Tom

I think all pre war ones were built with stainless trim. War models probably would have been muted with paint but we weren't at war when production started. The NOS parts I've had for these in the boxes were chromed or polished finishes.

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A great aunt gave me her "blackout" version of this car when she quit driving. No brightwork. I wasn't old enough to drive at the time (15), so we kept it in my grandmother's garage, and I fiddled with it and drove around the block occasionally. All was well until I gave my 11 year old brother a ride on the hood of the car. Grandma saw this, the car was immediately sold to a co-worker of my Dad's for $75. Co-worker drove it from San Jose, CA to Monterey at high speeds, blew up the motor and junked it. Ah, memories!

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In 1960, I paid $85 for my first car, a 1942 Chevy four door blackout. Everything on the outside that could be army green was painted that color. The inside in good condition, entirely normal inside. I wire brushed the hub caps for painting and discovered they were brass under the green paint. Probably just a brass skin on a steel core, but no chrome. I brushed them all and ran it with brass hubcaps, which beat any paint job I would have given them by quite a lot. No chrome on the bumpers either, just paint..As a brainless 16 year old I blew the engine by driving it too fast. Jim43

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the incorrect accessories are as follows:compass,horn button,radio,clock ,signal light switch ,defrost fan also the exhaust extension. The compass is late 50's thru 60's the horn button/cap is correct for 46-48 , the radio and clock is also 47-48, signal switch is just an aftermarket as is the fan and exhaust extension.

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