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1919 Chevy Rear End Help


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I'm trying to restore a 1919 chevy rear and need help to know how to separate the drive shaft and front of differential from the axel body itself. I have the front loose and the rear "pumpkin" cover off but can't get the drive shaft and front cover to come away from the axel. I need to replace the gasket before cleaning and painting. Thanks


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Guest Al Brass

Hi Stretch,

You'll have to remove the axel shafts. Do that by undoing the 4 bearing retainer bolts on either side. With the back cover off, have a look in the centre of the diff and see if the inner ends of the axles are held. If so, release them there and withdraw the axel shafts. The diff head and torque-tube with then come away from the axel housing.



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Ok, that sounds reasonable. I knew something was holding it in but didn't know where to start looking. I don't really want to take it apart but it is a bear to handle all together to get the rust off and then paint. I now have access to a manual for parts identification and with all the pictures I have taken I'm feeling a little more confident to tackle this. It is my last hurdle before putting this thing back together.

Thanks so much!

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