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I have a drive line vibration between 48 and 60 mph. I have had the wheels lazer checked, and are in tolerance, I have installed new engine mounts, the car vibs with the engine at idle at these speeds. I have put a set of tires and wheels from another car which rolls smooth on my car to try that, same vib. I changed the pumpkin to a 54, so I could drive it on the highway. I currently get 70 mph @ 2000 rpm. I really like this 40 buick, but the small vib drives me crazy as that is the speed most traffic travels at in my area. Has any one experenced this and what is the cure.

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My 1928 Cadillac had a similar problem. It was the torque tube ball bronze sleeve bearing that the u joint runs in that was way out of spec. I found it interesting the Cadillac ball was a Buick part! The sleeve bearing was exactly the same as my 25 Buick Master 6. The running clearance should be .004-.007 thousands

Hope this helps

Jim Bourque

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