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Duesenberg Model A engine, trans, front and rear axle, more!

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Unprecedented opportunity to acquire a huge inventory of ultra rare Model A Duesenberg parts and components. Whether you're building a Special or restoring a Model A, this may be the only chance to get what you need in one shot. From my personal collection and where many pieces were acquired as far back as the 1950s. Motor acquired from Jim Hoe 1974 and thought to have run at Indy 1930 or possibly a factory experimental engine as per "XX" suffix stamped to block. Conditions range from excellent to rough so please look over pix carefully and contact me with any questions or to obtain additional photos. $29,500.

SHIPPING: If you require shipping I will pack and palletize for a $250 flat cost, but the buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping and arranging pickup at my location Middlebury, VT.

Contact me at eric@killorin.com for additional info and photos.


Steering wheel hub cover, mounting fixture, horn button

Ignition/light switch, emblem, jig for enameling emblem

Controls for steering column (2)

Gear levers (3)

Starting handle

Parking brake toggle assembly

Starter switch

Throttle tube mounting fixtures (2)

Voltage box cover

Front axle hydraulic line assembly

Firewall horn bracket, new unfinished casting

Tail light bracket, new unfinished casting

Exhaust hanger

Toe board mounting brackets (3)

Brake and clutch pedal arms (2 pairs)

Dashboard, new unfinished casting

Instrument cluster frame and facia

Cowl moulding (2 pieces)

Bosch horn

Toe board steering column collar

Radiator core and bottom pan

Brake drums (set 4)

Hub cabs and emblems (set 4)

Brake drum backing plates (set 4, 8 pieces) one broken

Wire wheel wing nuts, reproductions in manganese bronze (set 4)

Wire wheel ring nuts (set 4)

Brake shoes (set icon_cool.gif

Tie rod

Spindle, left

Drag link

Carrier, ring & pinion 53:10

Rear axle housing and cover plate

Front axle

Brake lines rear axle (2)

King pins (2)

Rear brake slave cylinders and pistons (2)

King pin brake shoe fixtures (2)

Brake shoe toggle assemblies (4)

Steering arms (1 pair)

Rear axle half shafts and bearing carriers (1 pair)

King pin thrust bearings (1 pair)

Exhaust manifolds set of 3 originals good for patterns, one fabricated

Water jacket covers (4)

Ramshorn intake manifold

Racing downdraft intake manifold for twin Winfields or similar (unfinished casting)

“Teapot” accessory fan/generator/distributor drive

Numerous valves, springs, keys, retainers, guides, rollers

Gearshift lever hold down fixture

Firing order cover for bellhousing

Oil tube cover internal to crankcase

Exhaust manifold intake heat fixture

Engine inspection cover plate

Starting handle drive fixture (2)

Rocker arm shafts

Rocker arms

Water pump

Starter motor

Bell housing, one transmission case and components believed to be complete, one empty case damaged, intermediate flex joint

Clutch assembly believed to be complete

Engine compartment chassis pans (1 pair)

Rods, lightweight pistons, wrist pins, numbered 1-8

Oil pan and drain cover assembly, repaired

Engine block # 1533XX

Cam cover with accessory breather, has lengthwise crack

Cylinder head, repaired

Crankshaft and main bearings/caps

Camshaft and valve train

Intake manifold plates (one pair)

Water jacket covers (2)

Oil pump

Tower shaft assembly








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