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33 Victoria Coupe


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You could try measuring between the center of the front and rear wheel openings. It might not be exact, but there is a big enough difference between the wheelbases that it might not matter:

Series 50 wheelbase = 119 inches

Series 60 wheelbase = 127 inches

Series 80 wheelbase = 130 inches

Series 90 wheelbase = 138 inches

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You can also try to get in touch with some members of the Buick Club and try to get some length measurements of the body but must be the same body style. I agree with Sean on the wheelbase measurement but it might be difficult on the 60 and 80 series, since there is only 3" difference. Whatever in turns out to be, it is a rare body style.

If a 90 series 556 were made, if a 80 series 758 were made, if a 60 series 2887 were made and if a 50 series 4118 were produced. The figures are for USA production. There were some exported in each series but not many.

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I am fairly sure that this is a Series 50 (Model 58). The 80 and 90 series cars have six hood doors and the Series 60 has a bigger gap between the front of the hood and the first door - (60) http://www.cars-on-line.com/photo/67800/33buick67837- - (50) - http://www.curbsideclassic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/7-14-2012-013.jpg

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Without all the matching numbers stuff (engine+ frame) you have the makings of one beautiful "resto-rod".

I can just see that beautiful body sitting on a box steel frame with wire wheels under her and an LT-1 lurking under the hood (bonnet).

I'd choose calente red

Mike in snowy Colorado

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Does anybody know if this body would fit on a 34 or 35 series 119" frame/chassis, It might be easier to pick up a 35 running gear than a 33.

I have for sale a 1936 233 ci engine with its 3 speed trans,torque tube drive shaft all the way back to rear axle & hubs all original out of a running Buick Special. Looks like your 1933 may have had a 230 ci and I don't know what the compatibility would be. I'm located in St Louis, Mo and if interested in any or all you can reach me at abt1969@yahoo.com Good Luck nice car. Al T.

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