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1975 AMC Pacer

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I can't really see in the pictures that one door is longer.

Innovative ideas are interesting to learn.

Was it by just an inch or two?

Were the rear quarter windows the same size on both sides?

I believe that the quarter windows were the same. If you look closely, you can see that the rear (vertical) part of the passenger door is slightly wider than the same area on the driver's door.



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My 1975 butterscotch color (like above) Pacer has about 4 inches of extra length in the pass. door. My fishbowl also has the southwest interior in off white and brown. This car sits so low that even after warning 6 foot tall people about the roof line they still hit their head getting in the pass. front seat. The longer door does make it a lot better for entering the rear seat. I get just as much attention in this car as when I am out in a Pierce!!! Karl

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