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Help with Dante Red

Eric W

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Ok - I searched both the Pre War and Post War forums on this subject. So the Dante Red was an engine color for 1 year (I forget which - late 40's), and it's a wheel color for numerous years. As such Hirsch sells this color. I would appreciate if anyone who has some of the Hirsch paint could send me a sample, ideally sprayed over some primer or maybe on white paper or card stock (or a scrap of tape or masking paper, etc.). My purpose is to have a sample to use to get as close to this color as possible with powder coat at my local powder coat shop for the wheels on my '51 76R.

I had the wheels powder coated for my '51 41D, but for that one I just picked a red from the "in stock" colors. From photos, it appears as though it came out somewhat too bright / light / to the orange side. But since I'm not doing a per-original restoration on the 41D, I'm not really worried about it. And now, with the hubcaps on, there's only the little ring of red that shows anyway, which looks good enough for what that car is. I did do a little extra that someone on here suggested and had the tire shop use the stick-on internal weights so there's no hammer-on weights visible.

But for the 76R, I'd like to get closer to the original color.

If this works out, I'll publish the powder coat info (as close as I can do by eye with picking a non-custom-mix "catalog" color from the powder coater).


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I have done the same thing as you have done for "Cherokee red" on later model cars. Realistically, for judging it would have to be REALLLLY off to be judged as incorrect. On cars I know will never be judged, I have used Rustoleum "safety red" and it looks good to me.

Ok, now somebody can tell me how wrong I am and send E the proper red...

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