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1932 90-series dashboard question

Pete Phillips

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BCA member Rex Denny does not have a computer, so he asked me to find out whether the dashboard inset color on his 1932 90-series sedan is correct or not, and if not, what color should it be. I think he told me that he bought the overlay for the dash from Bob's Automobilia, but that his car lost judging points at the BCA national meet in Ames, Iowa for "wrong color dash bezels", which I assume are these violet/blue inserts--see photo. I am not familiar enough with 1932 90-series Buicks to know, but told him I would put his on the BCA forum for comments and answers. He is hoping to take the car to Springfield this year and have it judged again, after correcting what is wrong.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas



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Pete, Here are the originals. The glove box door looks like a different shade in one picture but it's not as you can see in the other picture of both.

The wood trim on top of the dash doesn't look correct either. He might want to check that out too.




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I also noticed that the glove box door does not looked properly finished. The is a round hole in the middle for the clock. The clock delete piece is a square piece that is 3 dimensional and has the matching wood grain applied. I"ll try to find an example and post the photo.

Bob Engle

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