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1955 stepside?


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I am trying to remember what series my grand pa's truck was. It had the big middle post in the middle of the grill and there were two post on on each side of the grill. The cab and round dials on dashboard and there was only the middle window. The side windows were not there. The bed sides had the forty five degree angle at the top with the holes I think were 2"x2" and 2" from end of the bed. Any information on this would be appreciated.<P>DanB confused.gif" border="0

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Guest De Soto Frank

Dan B,<P>Greetings! I grew up in Ellicott City, and my Grandad had an old truck too- a '54 Chevy.<BR>(Which is now mine.)<P>My suggestion is to go to the "Stovebolt Page" at "www.stovebolt.com", which is a neat web-site for old Chevy & GMC truck enthusiasts.<BR>When you get there, browse around until you find the picture "Gallery", where they have various photos of trucks from the '30's up through the '70's; you might see your grandfather's truck there.<P>Your description of the grille sounds like a '54 or '55 first-series Chevy, however the last year for the angled-top boxsides was 1953...<P>Try Stovebolt page & see what you turn up.<P>Happy hunting!

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