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1964 Electra 4 door


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Ok, I have an opportunity to buy a decent 1964 electra 4 for hardtop. It is black with cloth interior, it has a 401 and does not have A/C. It is in reasonable condition with a restoration approx. 15 years ago and garaged since. It needs a master cylinder and an exhaust system. everything else is very nice.

It has been in my family since 1972.

What is it worth?

remember that I am in Canada and the car is in Canada


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Being in the family adds a layer of complication. Normally the buyer wants the best deal he can get regardless of the sellers feelings. In this case you might still be sitting around the same table for years to come. So in this case if the car was what I wanted I would probably pay close to what the seller wanted, or pass on the deal.

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I'm with John. Family perceptions can be killers. AND the proper terms should be "the brakes blew and the exhaust rotted off while it sat neglected." Do you have to take a ladder off the roof to move the car?

The previous "restoration" is scary, as well. After you rebuild the brakes, exhaust, cooling system, add new tires, and redo the bubbles and pimples it will always be "Oh, you have that nice Buick Uncle Harry fixed up so nice."

By any chance is it stored like this?

x%20013.jpg Bernie

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Thanks for the input guys.

it definitely is a touchy situation. The problem is that he is waiting for me to offer a price. I guess what I am trying to establish is what these cars are selling for on the market.

As for the restoration, the paint was professionally done and the last time I looked at it, it was spotless.... not even a stone chip.

I am a Journeyman mechanic so anything mechanical is not an issue. I have another complete car (in pieces) stored away for parts for my convertible so parts aren't really a problem.

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Best idea would be to figure out how much you are willing to spend and sink it right into your convertible. Then you have made progress on a really desirable car.

I'm sure you could get people to polish that base Electra four door for you. Just park it next to the finished convertible and when they back up and rub against it to get a better look at the convertible that sedan will be rubbed to a beautiful shine.

I love the guy "waiting for an offer". Did he inherit the car and battle with the tax appraiser about the value and now worried a nickle will get left on the table? There no shortage of them out there. I like to sit on the back step and talk about the profits big companies make and then say "You know your utility company exploits you and pays it's share holders the 20% it makes in profit. I know you are a good guy and 'cause I like you I'll pay you 20% over what you have in it. I know it is consider gouging in the business world, but you're a good guy."

Bernie- obviously very entertained by buying and selling cars. I know how much I want for mine, wanna buy one?

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