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Intake Manifold, 1935, 1936 Desoto Airflow, Airstream


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FOR SALEHere's an intake manifold removed from 1935 Desoto Airflow, part# 603032-2H. These were known to crack, but although this one looks good upon visual inspection. Probably a good idea to have it magnafluxed. I believe that this manifold can also be used on Airstream model, but you would have to double check part number. This one is $25 + shipping (it's about 15 lbs before it's packed, so it's heavy!) Good idea to have an extra one on hand. Please contact Bill at:





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I just pulled this notice on the internet. I know it's dated 2015 but by any chance do you still have the intake manifold. If you do I would be interested if it's in as good a condition as the pictures show. I'm going to take another chance to ask if do you have the exhaust manifold too? I have to ask!



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