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Les, if your '90 TC had a remote door opener, it must have been an aftermarket add-on, such as the remote starters some cars have. I have a '90 TC, and I have never seen any reference to a remote for the door locks either in the owners manual or service manual. I have seen kits for remote door locks, with fobs, but these are not factory installed options.

Is there any chance you could salvage the old system from your wrecked TC and fit it to your new one? This may be your only option or be like the rest of us and use the key.

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Les, Mopar had a EVS ll Security System with a remote door opener in there alarm package.

It was called Mopar Electronic Vehicle Security. If your TC had this option, and if you were to decode your VIN number in the summary it would show as a dealer installed option.

The code would be 4TXA.The Mopar EVS system was designed to fit the TC (Q Body).

There probably are only a few TC"s left with this dealer installed option by the

selected Chrysler dealers.

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