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antique car camping

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Hi everyone,

I am getting more and more into antique car camping. I am trying to do it using only vintage equipment etc. Im sure there are people who do this, but I can not seem to connect with any of them. Are there any clubs or groups who do this?

I know many antique car clubs tour and travel, but I am poor and dont like high dollar resorts, restaurants and wine bars all that much and 1920s cars just dont tour like 1930s cars. I like primitive campgrounds and fires and eating burnt meat off a stick with my hands. I am sure there are people who do this. Where are they?

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Do a google search 'Teardrop Trailer' or 'Mullins trailer tent'.

The teardrop trailer has been built since before WWII and you can find them for sale on ebay. They are a small trailer with a hatchback opening on the back with a complete setup for a kitchen.

If you want to real primitive, buy an original Mullins Trailer with a tail gate. They are a little hard to find as there were only a total of 2,000 trailers made from 1936 to 1937. There is a member in the Mullins club that makes reproduction camping tents for them. In the club newsletter, there are usually one or two for sale along with the sheet metal and misc parts for restoration. The Mullins weighs about 450 pounds and can be towed by most 6 cyl cars.





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I towed 1934 "Covered Wagon" trailer all over this country with my 1932 Buick Model 97 and after the wife got tired of the pump up stove , and the "Ice Box" , I pulled a 1954 Airstream with a 1957 Caballero Wagon.

You never have to worry about a place to park, as the trailer Parks will ALWAYS find you a spot (and it usuall up front)

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Just attended a Tin Can tourist meet yesterday here in Dade City,Fl. All I can say is WOW!!!! Never seen or knew there were so many people and beautiful travel trailers involved. Each one was different and all were true to their vintage. Great friendly people to. Ed Dade City,Florida

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I'm surprised that John doesn't tow a little houseboat....

I have thought very hard on what that would take to make work! Done the math and if the opportunity presents itself for a amphibious camper, I'd be all over it! I've imagined what the reaction would be to people seeing us camped out on a mountain lake island. There were a handful of small amphibious campers made for the Amphicar. I do not if any still exist, none are known to have survived.


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