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2 - 1929 Pontiac Coupes

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I recently aquired 2 (two) 1929 Pontiac Coupes both with Indiana titles.

One is all original - the other has had a 331 Hemi put in it.

The bodies are off and taken apart on both of them.

The chassis are all together. I was told by a good friend of the man who had the cars, the he had both motors running.

Looks like he had intention of making an original car out of one and a rat rod out of left over parts - but that is just a guess on my part.

My plan is to try to start the motors and verify that, then set the bodies back on the chassis just enough to take to Pate Swap Meet.

Ill include a few pics here of the way they were sitting when i got them so you can have an slight idea of what is there and what shape.

The cars are located about 60 miles east of Amarillo, Texas.

if someone is interested in them as is - make me an offer.

Cant get too much more detail, but i can get more pics if needed.

Shoot me a message.








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Good Morning,

Are the bodies / parts still available?   I have a 29 in pieces, and am looking at other parts of bodies to see what I have or missing.  Also need to see how the top of coupe's wood is attached to the bottom body.  Could use a spare engine.

Are you interested in selling some of the parts .... or all in one lot?  Call you call me so as we can talk?


(909) 296-0980


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1929 pontiac coupe man,


I don't know where you saw a recent ad but pbajeff has not logged onto this forum since November 2016. You are not going to have much luck arguing with someone who is not here. 

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