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1989 TC Maserati for Sale..best offer...needs new engine...

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This car was owned by my mom since she bought it brand new in 1989. She drove it very little and after sitting for the past 10 years only go around the block once a week with only 70K miles on it, we decided to drive it down to San Diego. We had all the electrical worked on.Needless to say the engine seized and we have chosen not to spend the money to fix it. It has the hard and soft top, all original parts and symbols, car cover.

Besides needing a new engine , the car is in great shape. We will be taking bids for the next week and then will sell to the highest bidder and or sell for parts.

Please contact me and let me know what you are interested in and at what cost....It makes us really all sad to see this go and we are hoping there is someone that wants to fix the engine..Thanks...Jacqueline 949-275-3192/ text or call EMAIL ME AT JACQUESELLS@AOL.COM AND I CAN SEND PICTURES.

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Jacqueline, sorry to hear of the problems surrounding your mom's TC., It is sentimental to you as it would be anyone. Is it your wish that someone keep it alive or just make sure that in the parts that it keeps living, even if its only through the parts?... and then... Value sake. If it is a 16v engine, it is worth more. You may want to check on this and then state if it is a 16v

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