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New addition to my collection: 1909 Oakland 20B

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1909 Oakland 20B Touring, which is the oldest Oakland model. One of two known in existence. Two cylinder, 152ci, 20HP, 112WB. Never had a top or windshield. Known ownership history back to 1909. Counterclockwise engine designed by Alanson Brush to prevent injury to right wrist and thumb. Engine rejected by Cadillac. Brush liked his cars light & zippy.




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Beautiful car! I I am the editor of The Brush Owners Associations newsletter...The Runabout. I wonder if you might provide a photo of the Brush designed engine in your car, and any info on Cadillac rejecting the same. It is known that Brush designed a 2 cylinder engine for his 1908 Brush runabout. The car was shown at the auto shows, but there is no evidence that it was ever put into production beyond a couple of prototypes. The two cylinder has always been the holy grail of Brush cars. No one has ever come across one. I am wondering since Brush left the company sometime in 1909 if he simply offered the engine to Oakland that was originally designed for the Brush. Any information you might share would be greatly appreciated.

John Guy


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Thanks for your input. I'll post a picture of the 2 cylinder engine soon.

It looks like Brush's 1 cylinder engine was rejected by Oldsmobile, but then utilized by Cadillac. By that time, he was Cadillac's chief engineer. Please see: http://www.hemmings.com/hcc/stories/2006/04/01/hmn_feature19.html

Brush teamed up with Murphy to found Oakland in the Summer of 1907. By then Cadillac had rejected Brush's 2 cylinder engine. The engine was used in the 1908 & 1909 Oakland 20B (before he left Brush Motor Car Company). John Gunnell's book, "75 years of Pontiac & Oakland" suggests that the 2 cylinder engine was designed in 1906. Production of the 2 cylinder engine car commenced in late 1907. The first owner (serial number 1) took possession in April 1908. I suspect that the same engine was used for the Brush Company prototypes. I'm unclear of the timing of these Brush Motor Car Co. prototypes...but I hope I find one.

Please also see: http://oaklandowners.com/oakland-history/

Jordan Glaser

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