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Great knobs from Keith Lee.

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All, when I see folks do really great work. I had Kieth make up two lighter knobs and one radio knob for my '37 Zephyr. As you all know these are impossible to find. When I bought the car both lighters were missing and the radio had some ugly black Radio Shack knob that matched nothing. I could not be happier!


Thanks Keith!!!

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A website? Well, I started making one four years ago and never got around to finishing it. www.knobsoup.com You won’t find much there. A background photo that’s all. My wife put me on Facebook. knobsoup. She lets me know when someone's knocking.

When my name spread and work started coming in, I found I didn’t need to advertise. Plus I have personal art and casting projects to challenge myself.

You can find me though. knobsoup@gmail.com or 702 588-1934 8a to 6p mountain time.

Here’s my latest project. Casting a prefect ’54 Lincoln back-up lens.

Along with four steering wheels in the works and other knobs, my personal project in my spare time is making a perfect 1940 steering wheel in translucent colors with a custom horn button.

Please Help! I have collected around eight 1940 wheels looking for perfect hand grips. I have restored the outer rim and the hub already, made my mother molds, But I need to duplicate the delicate hand grip area. I have not found one yet. Will pay top dollar. Or a loan, no harm is done to the wheel.

Thanks, Keith



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