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Good morning. I'm new and would like to properly introduce myself. My name is Craig and I'm 65. Live in So Cal with my wife of 45 yrs. we have a 73 gmc truck, camper special, we purchased new. Still have the Dolphin camper, setting in the driveway...the truck has 88k miles. The 73s aren't real collectors items, but they're getting there. It had to be repainted because these trucks had rust problems. You'd swear a white truck was orange. It has the 350 eng, dual tanks. We didn't get the 454 eng because gas was fast approaching $1 a gal. It was in the middle of the first oil embargo. I had a cherry Roadrunner that no one would buy and had to trade it in for $500......

Our other car is a 59 Ford Retractable, colony white, turquoise interior. My fatherinlaw bought the car new. Everything works, except the radio. The 352 was rebuilt and the is actually quite fast. We are currently looking for a trans guy for the Cruiseomatic. Have loved cars all my life. I've owned :

1. '54 ply Belvedere, was my moms car

2. '52 Olds 4 dr 88', 2 brl carb, but fast, my grand dad sold it to me for $1

3. 64 Corvair yellow with blk interior

4. 68 Roadrunner, electric blue, 383, Torqueflite

5. 65 Corvair, my wife's car, red, 4 spd

6. 73 GMC truck

7. 74 Mustang II, V6, piece of junk, worst car I've owned except for the next in line.

8. 77 Ply Volare S/W. Biggest mistake of my life. Thought the 318 would run like my moms 67 Belvedere.....wrong.

8. 82 Chev Caprice wagon, maroon in and out. BUT it was a diesel. Nuff said.

9. 72 VW bug for our daughter

10. 85 Mazda RX7, my wife's midlife crisis.

11. 89 Suburban. (Stolen and recovered looking like a turkey carcass at Thanksgiving.

12. 92 Suburban

13. 04 Tahoe

14. 93 Acura Legend, great car

15. O8 suburban, realized Tahoe was too small with two Labradors...

16. 02 Acura RL, not as good as the Legend, but a good car.

Lastly, the 59 Fairlane that belonged to my fatherinlaw.

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Welcome to the AACA Forum! "A roadrunner that nobody would buy"? Boy, have the times changed in that regard! '50 Fairlane Retractable. Nice! How difficult is it to keep the retractable roof working properly?

Luckily my fatherinlaw kept up on it. We've had it six years and so far so good. It's important to keep it lubriated. When Volvo came out with their hardtop convertible we parked in front of the showroom, along the curb, and put the top down. Got a thumbs up. Regarding the Roadrunner, I still have nightmares over that.

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Craig, this is the most impressive part of your intro. Congrats to you and your very understanding spouse.
Thank you, Joe. She is a great woman and loves her Ford.
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