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1926 dodge truck paten plate location ?

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i have what i believe is a 1926 dodge truck jan. 5th because that was the year it came with the size tires that was on it. i seen someone posted for someone eles the identifing plate is under the floor board under pedels. mine didnt have much of any floor board i found a paten plate on inside of the grill shale had alot of dates on it one of the last was 1926 would that be the plate

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Welcome to the AACA forum.

Try posting your question on the Dodge Brothers category below, you will probably get more interest in answering your question.

Here's the link to it if you need help:


Posting pics of your truck along with a frame serial will also assist in giving a more correct answer. Good luck.

Typically there are two plates on the Graham Brothers/Dodge Brothers trucks. One on the passenger side floorboard stating what model, wheelbase, and date it was produced. There's also a dash tag on the passenger side that has a weight rating. The guys on the Dodge Brothers board should be able to help further. Please post pics of your truck.

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