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Need help identifying a 1920s Buick radiator


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Hello, this is my first time posting to this website before and I was wondering if you guys could help me. Recently I acquired what I believe to be a Buick radiator from the 1920s, but I am not sure exactly what car it is from. If you know what car this radiator fits, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!


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My hunch is the same as Larry's above.


Yes 4 cylinder 22 or 23. Attached are 3 photos 1922 model 34 McLaughlin Buick ( Red Car) 1923 Model 38 Buick (snowy Car)and a 1916 Model 35 Buick (Black Car). From my files of Buick's on to new homes!!

It is a 4 cylinder because the crank hole does not go through the radiator like the 6 cylinders . The radiator is a little flatter on top like 22 and 23...earlier cars 16 through 18 had a more rounded top....4 cylinders were not made in 19 20 and 21 and the last 4 cylinder was a 24 and it had the "Packard inspired" radiator,




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Basically, any buyer will have to have it re-cored or at least boiled out if the old core is usable. So you are really only selling the top & bottom tanks unless you have it tested and can document it is good to go on a car.

The last radiator I sold went for $100 plus shipping in similar condition to yours with a guarantee that it was good or he would get his $100 returned. Last summer,I found a perfect original radiator (from a running car) for a friend who paid $200 to the hot rodder that sold it.

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