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I purchased a 68 Skylark convertible that was converted to a GS 455. Not sure exactly what is on the engine now but, when I bought it I got a spare block, timming cover,crank and heads. I want to build a Stage 1 or 2 and not sure where to start. I started checking part numbers on the heads to see what the were and if they are even usable. Here is what I have so far.<BR>Part #: 1231786 (checks as a Stage one head)<BR>Part #: 1240149 have no Idea<BR>How do I know which one is left and right?<BR>Why do I ahve two different part #s?<BR>How do I know what type of block I have?<P>thanks...Sunny<P>null

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The stage one heads were the same number as the standard head. They just installed larger vales by machining the heads differently. If there is more than a thumbnails thickness between the valve ,you have standard heads.The heads are interchangable and will fit either side . I have no info on the numbers ,but if the heads have a long thin slot for the manifold heat they are 70 or earlier. If they have a rectengular hole ,they are 71 up .If the block has two elongated holes and two bumps on the top of the head surface it is a 71 up block

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