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Model AA rims


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I have a set of 5 wire rims that I got through a friend that was at a flea market and called me about them. He knew my dad and myself had model A cars and had a project saved for the future (too many going on at the moment, 1936 International and 1927 Dodge brothers). But he asked if he wanted us to get them on the chance that they may be model A rims. We he sent a text message with them photographed and they looked our rims on the 30 sports coupe we already had, but the picture quality wasn't great.

When we arrived to get them from his house we discovered that they are not model A rims, wrong size. Upon further review and comparing photos on the internet it would appear that they are for a model AA truck. We have a set of 5 of them, are they worth anything much?

Thank you,


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