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Source for this thick Jute / Wool / Felt material?


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Where do I find this stuff or what is a good substitute? The fiberous material shown in the picture is about 1" thick by about 2" wide and is used in a couple places on my '31 - for noise or dust control or air flow - I haven't figured that out yet. This is acutally more dense than you'd first guess, you can only compress this 1" thick stuff to about 1/2".

Thanks for your help, -Joel


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I bought 1/2" and 1/4"thick felt rug padding and glue layers together for the thickness needed. I get the polyester rather than wool as it is more water resistant. I found pieces of felt between the body and frame when I removed the body on my 32 Buick. There was 2" thick padding up under the dash at several locations also.

Bob Engle

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I have purchased products from McMaster-Carr for use in the restoration of my 1960 Edsel. Among the products were sheet rubber products, gasketing materials, foam products, and some jute/felt. Products are excellent, and the service is exceptional. Received some of the products before I received the bill. That's great service!


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