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Identify the cars here from the sounds... Stop, Look, and Listen.

Dandy Dave

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Now I just had to laugh at this. The First car Sounds like a Typical Model A Ford. Pretty much unmistakable. What model car is the sound recording of Muscle Car from? Of course then there is the Wrecker, and the Bus. LOL... This is a really Fun film Short. Must have taken weeks to film from all the single photo shots to get the effect. Dandy Dave!

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Dandy Dave,

Pretty nice little movie. I particularly liked the credits preceding the film. The film cited, among others, the following organizations: The Federal Highway Beautification Board, The Rear-View Mirror Safety Club, Inc., The Traffic Jam Society of the United States (obviously fans of the '60s British rock band "Traffic"), and the United Tailgaters of the United States, "WITHOUT whose cooperation this motion picture was made".

I agree with you that our hero's ride was a Model A Ford. The bus was obviously a 1959 Blue Bird - bodied GMC. The bad guy's ride was variously a 1967 Camaro Z28, a 1965 Ferrari 330 and a Pratt & Whitney R-985, or something along that order ... ehhh, maybe not.

I did like the price of gas, 32.9 cents per gallon, and the skid marks were cool.



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