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head light motors

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Not the motor itself, but the gear cases are mirror images so you just can't swap the motor assembly side to side. Never checked if the worm gear on the end of the motor shaft is the same or not when I had one apart.

Are you wanting to just swap out the motor portion or the entire assembly?

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FWIW, gears are identical also but insert in opposite directions depending on right or left. That's why the gear can be removed without removing the worm gear shaft from the gear case on the drivers (left) assembly but not on the right side due to the presence of a ridge on one edge of the gear. As stated, the motor casing (sans gear box) and armature are identical for both sides.


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All the above are on the right track.....I will just try an clarify, or say it a different way.

If you are buying a motor, Yes there is a right and left assembly.

All of the internal parts are the same and interchangeable. The difference is the gearbox and cover, in one case the shaft comes out the cover and the other side the shaft comes out the back of the gearbox. Several GM cars also use the same internal parts, so there is a source for those parts.

Early on we thought the big white gear was a trouble spot (stripping) but that was not true, the gears seldom fail, it is the 3 plastic rollers inside the gear that fail. Luckily that is the good news as the plastic rollers are cheap to replace. I have attached a picture of the gear along with good rollers and rollers that have been ground into chunks.


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