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1950 F-1 ground


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I put in a new wire harness on my truck but still have no luck with it starting. I've been told that these trucks were known for a bad ground at the starter and that I need to rerun it to the bell housing. What is the truth on this? Please shed some light my way due to the fact that the truck is twice my age. Thanks

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If you are restoring an antique, your truck will be six volts positive ground. I don't know if the wiring harness included battery cables. Off the shelf battery cables do not work. The battery cables must be 00 guage, really thick, not 4 guage or 6 guage as used on more modern 12 volt cars. Ford trucks built before 1957 do not have a resistor in the ignition circuit. After 1956 there is a steel wire resistor mounted in a cage bolted to the engine block. This is only the run ignition circuit. The starting ignition circuit on 1957 and later is through a seprate tap on the firewall mounted starter solinoid. This bypasses the resistor during starting. It is not part of your 1950 truck unless someone has converted it before you got it. So hang a test light on the hot wire of the ignition coil and see if it remains lit during starting. They could have given you the wrong ignition key switch.<p>[ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: Michael Crawford ]

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