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1924 Mack, AB, original


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First, you must be a member of AACA National. This would be the HPOF class for original, unrestored vehicles. You can register an pay online using the AACA number and PIN printed on the face sheet of the Antique Autombile or used the registration request form in the Antique Automobile mailing. Many great meets are coming up this year. Hope to see you at one of them.

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1924 Mack, model AB. original. I had to blow out the dust in the gas tank and then it started right up.

Last on the road as a commercial carrier in 1962. This coal yard was 1-1/2 blocks from the infamous 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' in Chicago. The 'modern' driving lights were installed to keep it compliant with safety law changes in the 1940's.

All the best,



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It was licensed and run on the street of Chicago until 1962.

This coal yard was about 2 blocks from the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

( Which is now just an average weekend of Chicago gang activity...)

all the best,



Ironic about the weekend standard of gang activity today compared to what 90 years ago?

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