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1919 Columbia Six


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I am about to become the owner of a 1919 Columbia Six. It is a older restoration of a touring car. Nice and very complete...but unknown and rare. I would like to get in touch with owners of similar cars in order to learn more about my own car and the Columbia company in general. Me and the car are both located in Norway.

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Oystein ~ Columbia Motors Company of Detroit built your Columbia six. In 1919 they built 3 styles; the 5 pass. touring, the 4 pass. sport model and the 5 pass enclosed touring sedan. The first two are of similar value while the latter is valued at about 30% less.<P>It was an assembled car using Continental engines, Timken axles & roller bearings, Detroit self-lubricating springs, Warner transmission & steering gear, Borg & Beck clutch, Stromberg carburetor and Harrison radiator. They were priced in the under $2000 range. In 1923, 6000 units were sold, but overentusiasm in anticipation of a boom in sales led to the company's failure in 1924. ~ hvs

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