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DB toe plate


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I have been able to make a clear image of the toe plate vin tag. I have seen another version on the plate but this one is correct for my 29 truck. I purchased an original unstamped tag and scanned it with my scanner. I was then able to clean up the image using Photoshop software.

The plate shown is for a 29 DB series "E" truck that was built after Chrysler Corp takeover. Note the statement " manufactured by Graham Bros a subsidiary of Chrysler Corp". I believe Chrysler still wanted to associate Dodge with the reputation of the Graham trucks and choose to have it noted.

I also own a earlier "E" series truck that was built and sold before the Chrysler Corp Takeover and I would make a plate that is correct for that truck.

Does someone have a plate for the earlier DB truck? My question is the in the correct wording. Chrysler Corp should not be mentioned.

Note the warranty tag I made also.



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