Tips for swapping out headlamp motor on a 65 Riviera

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Many thanks to everyone.  I now have fully functioning clamshells!!! If I could just post a video for all to see.  :D

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                Congratulations......I remember how excited I was when I got mine working correctly for the first time.

It's a great feeling to get those shells working!

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I'm bumping this thread back up to the top to help those struggling with their 65 Hideaway lights. Lot's of good info

in here to get them working right again.

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Hey Guys hoping I can get some info here.


I am installing a new motor and relay system from Paul on the Riviera Owners Association.

I want to make it work off the headlight switch as intended originally. 

Paul Gives you the complete wiring setup with new relays.

He says to find the wire that gets power when the headlight switch is on. And then to find the wire that has power when the switch is off and connect it to the 2 supplied wires to his relays.


My Current system was a nightmare and completely separately hardwired in the car. So Removing that didn't affect any of the original system.


I have 2 relay plugs next to the battery, how ever no relays.

1 relay plug has a orange and and 2 black wires, 

1 the other has a brown, black and red

Then there is a blue wire that is completely separate. 


Just trying to figure out what 2 wires I need to tap into.


I have attached a pic of the wiring diagram, hopefully someone could help here.

Thanks in advance.





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                     I need more info to determine how Paul is wiring his system up. The blue wire is the wire that has

current when the headlamps are turned on. On the original setup, when the lights are turned off, the main relay internally

jumped the red wire which is hot all the time, to the black wire located in the same triangular connector as the red wire. Current

to this black wire closed the headlamp covers. The triangular connector with the orange, black, and black with orange stripe  wire

originally went to the auxiliary relay, which only let the current from the black wire coming out of the main relay get to the headlamp motor

when the ignition key was in the run position. The blue wire originally plugged into the opposite end of the main relay., and when the lights were turned on the blue wire had 12 volts and kicked the current from the red wire to the brown wire to open the headlamp visors.  

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