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1911 Model G Roadster on e-Bay.

Not too often you see a petunia in the onion patch of eBay.


I know nothing about the car and have no connection to it at all.

Just posting here hoping that someone other than a dealer can get it.


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Guest groinky
i saw this on the HCCA website for $33,000. Can anyone add some information?

I saw this car for sale at Hershey. The owner said he had bought it recently at an estate sale in West Virginia I think. The car was seen running very well although the driver did not seem to know much about the car.

Things I noticed were mismatched headlights with both being incorrect. the car was presented as a runabout but I think it was a touring car with the rear of the body cut off. it did not have a factory look on the rear. overall the car seemed to run well and I would rate it a number 4 car.

I must admit I was surprised to see a 1911 F rankling in the car corral.

Good luck with it.

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I would tend to agree that this was a touring car that's been converted. The person that did the button tufting on the right side "door" sure must have been having a bad day. The left door and front seat may be original leather.

I've owned two Franklins, a 1907 and a 1917, yet never driven one! I understand that they are peppy things, always rated at fairly low horsepower but then the statement is made that it's "Franklin Horsepower", with light construction and so forth more power than one would think....

Neat car, money might be a smidgeon high due to questions...

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My dad had a 1911 G. It had very little power, yet the driving quality was outstanding. So beautifully designed, like all of John Wilkinson's creations. I agree that this is a cut down touring car. The fenders aren't Franklin fenders either.




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Notice there is evidence of a sump under the crankcase under the rear side cover. Also an odd looking bronze thingy on the side of that cover.

The tank on the firewall has all the oil lines running through the gaping torn hole in the air deck. Somebody made something work...

nice to see the original carb

it it could make a fun toy, at a 'toy' price!

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