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Hot Shot modification problems

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I have the chance to purchase a 1951 Crosley Hot Shot, but I have some concerns about some modifications that have been made to it.

  1. The steering is not correct for this car, it's for the earlier disc brake front end. The steering does not deflect equally from side- to-side, and there is significant binding when turned to the left.
  2. Disc brakes from a Toyota or Datsun(I'm not sure which) have been installed on the front, and the rear brakes are drums from a Vega of unknown vintage.
  3. I'm very suspicious of the brake modifications, if for nothing else because the wheel cylinders are from other vehicles, yet the stock Crosley master cylinder is used. I sense a hydraulic mismatch here, but do not know for sure.
    I would like to do some trouble shooting on this car, but the seller is not willing to let me tear into it (can't say that I blame him). I don't know if the front and rear axles have been modified to the extent that stock Crosley parts could not be installed on them. Another problem is that the car is not running and cannot be test driven.
    Due to the questionable modifications that have been made to this Hot Shot, I'm starting to cool off on this deal; however, the problem is that I like the car. I would appreciate any comments/advice that you may have for me on this deal.

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It is extremely to diagnose the problem with the car without looking at it. There have been about every imaginable modification done on Crosleys through the years. My best suggestion would be to get a few pictures of the set up so someone can advise you as to if they could be reversed. In any case, Crosley parts aren't that high priced and a lot are interchangeable. I would price the Hotshot on replacing the entire front end and any other modifications that have been done. If you would like assistance, I'd be happy to help. Contact me off the board.


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