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Saw this weird vehicle on the H.A.M.B.....what was it?


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The only part with home built that doesn't seem to jive is whoever built it made a very clean complex curve that would require some skill. Look at all the home built cars you have seen. Not many have curves like that. They are usually much more clumsy and angular. Even the home built woodies you see are more angular than this. . I still would like to know what the front clip looked like. I think maybe coach built by someone who knew what they were doing. Possibly an old promotional thing from the early to mid 30's from a regional business. Delivery van? Think of how art deco delivery trucks were in the 1930's.

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This from the Facebook link "There was a fair few pics of this floating around a few years ago. The guy who posted the pics claimed the car was sitting on a property in vic. He wouldn't let on where it was. Its got a stealthy panzer wagon look to it. Its pretty crude" and "The pics I saw showed the engine and a couple of other views. I think the guy hinted it was around echuca"

Want to duck up to Echuca and nose around?

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