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“…you ain’t seen n-n-n-nothin yet…” (with thanks to BTO)


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A week or so ago I posted a thread about special wheel wells for balloon tires. Nice response to that, thanks to all who viewed it. In that thread I said: “Just when you think you’ve seen it all something else pops up”. Let’s turn the tables here. What do you already have in your collection that is so rare and unusual, that the rest of us probably haven’t seen it? How about posting a picture and a description??

I’ll start the ball rolling with these hubcaps. They are blackout hubcaps for 1934-35 Chevrolet Standard series cars. Never been plated, skins were painted after they were rolled on to the bases. The guy I got them from (probably 30 years ago) thought they were intended for some sort of military use. I have the parts book that should cover military applications, but these hubcaps are not mentioned. I’ve attached a photo of the cover of that parts book. Any help in identifying the hubcaps would be appreciated.

Your turn!!post-92155-143142957703_thumb.jpg


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