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want to buy seats and trim


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Hi Guys: I'm looking for black vinel swivel bucket seats ready to install in very good condition for a 1976 cutlass s 442, also the front dash trim that butts up to the lower part of the inside windshield and last lower drv side door hinge spring. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll say Thanks in advance!!!

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If you aren't already, sign up for classicoldsmobile.com and especially 73-77olds.com as people there are always parting 73-77 cars. If you run into any difficulty registering at 73-77 let me know and I'll try to help.

Not to diminish our Forums here but Olds parts are more active on the others.

Pontiacs also used the swivel seats but upholstery pattern will be different. The way those seats are made the bolsters tend to split so you may have to recover any you find.

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