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Hate to see it go to the crusher. Not much left, what you see is what it is.


Its on a trailer now and could deliver, you will probably need a fork lift to get it off of the trailer, however thw guy that jacked it up and backed under it says its not that hard to unload if the new owner had enough lumber.

Don't really need anything more than scrap for it.

We like road trips and would bring it some places for expenses.

It is now in Seaside Oregon.







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I will have to say that John is certainly a wealth of knowledge.

BUT, might spend to much time on the computer. LOL

Thanks for the ID, we had no idea of what year, My buddy found it buried in the weeds on a place that he moved to.

He also has a couple of junk motor homes and some 80s Fords and an old Caddy limousine that are worthless. We tried to open the hood of the limo and it broke in two.

All of this stuff is under trees and full of pine needles so needless to say very rusty.

The Nash was in more of a clearing but was under blackberries. He didn't even see it until he hit it with the mower.

The property was in the same family for decades and they were bringing everything home. He keeps finding stuff. It is 16 acres, mostly forest.

So who wants the 47 Nash?

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Yes, John is right! I am in the process of doing a 48 and would jump on it but it is a slipstream, and mine is a trunk back. I sure would like to get the left front door upper hinge assembly if possible. Can't locate the spring on the assembly for the left side that keeps the door open.


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We don't really want to try to part this out but you are welcome to come and take a look. However I see that you are not very close by.

Pay for out trip and we will bring you the car for the price of scrap. NO TITLE !!!

I will ask the owner if he wants to try to get the hinge off. Would the right rear be the same? I would think that it would be in better shape than the drivers.

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Cant seem to edit, I just gave Doug a call and he will try to take a look today.

He has to wait for his wife to get home and open his email as I forwarded him this thread.

There are still guys out there that are less computer savvy than this group. LOL

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