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wiring n rewiring


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iv got a 47 zephyr v 12 or flat head 12 question #1 if i want to turn on the ignition...and not....go through the points and burn them up how would i go about doing that so i can trouble shoot some electric problems ? question #2......how do you go about changing the two or three wires that are in the spark plug wire tube on the drivers side of the engine ?

my name is mike and i could use some help here guys.:confused: i'm no electrician but i'm trying to fake it.n

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+1 on what Mssr. Bwatoe said. As to the other question...I have used two different ways. First, disconnect both ends of the wire(s) you wish to replace. Remove any crimped or soldered terminals. Grab both ends of one wire and get it to move back and forth. It will help much if you an find a small amount of "wire slide or guide", a very slick lube that electricians use to pull wires thru conduit. First method...strip off an inch or so of insulation from both the replacement wire and the one you are replacing. Tie the two ends together with as small a knot as possible. Cover the knot with electrical tape. Coat all exposed wire with the wire lube and gently pull the new wire thru as you remove the old one. Second method...used what electricians call a wire snake. It's nothing more then a thin wire (I use a 36" steel TIG welding Rod) pushed thru the conduit. Again, strip the replacement wire. Wrap it around a very small loop in the rod, tape it and pull the new wire thru. It will help to remove the old wire first which is why I give method #1 the first try.

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Guest 39 Pickup

If you have 2 or 3 bad ignition wires, you may have 9 or 10 more on close examination. There are 3 wires on each side that cross over to the other side. I would think that replacing just one of those would be a chore. Do all twelve, it is not that much more difficult. I have used strong cord to pull the wires through the tubes. Mount the tubes to the edge of your work bench to more easily get the wires to the right length.

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