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1942 Radio Parts needed

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My 42 Continental that I purchased 4 years ago is nearing completion. I never checked the radio it was in a bunch of parts. Went to install and found out it is a post war. The speaker is in the dash but requires a connector to the radio. The post war speaker has the wire built in the speaker. I need a post war speaker or the wire to attach the 42 speaker to the radio. Yes I know the face plate and cover are different but this is my fun car I had a senior coupe in 1962 - 63 and had a lot of fun driving it. Now at 75 I'm remembering the fun drives. Lee

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I'm sure a concourse judge would not notice if you used a Frys or Radio Shack plug and socket. Not sure about the 42 speaker, the ones I've seen have two terminals on them somewhere that connect to a wire that goes to a plug in the radio. My experience is that with radios this old, you usually need to replace the input electrolytic capacitors.


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