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2004 LeSabre GS supercharged

Barney Eaton

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I was doing some searching yesterday and ran across a site that give 0-60 times for cars. One Buick listed was a 2004 LeSabre GS supercharged with 0 -60 time of 6.5. The site does not say were they picked up the info so was this a production model or a custom built car? I was unaware of a LeSabre GS

The site is www.zeroto60times.com

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I concur that BMD probably did not build that vehicle. But it's possible that "a converter" did the car "post-final assembly". There were some add-on supercharger kits for normal 3800 V-6s (usually oriented toward Grand Prixs). Possibly an aftermarket wheel/tire package, some repro GS badges, and some exterior "things" on top of a normal LeSabre with the factory upgraded suspension? Seems like American Sunroof Corporation (ASC) was doing some upgrade kits for GM W-cars back then? Something to counter the Pontiac Bonneville "hot rod" models, back then? A private entity investigating how big a possible niche might be for GM/Buick to consider filling?

It seems that many of those websites are "off shore" and might not get all of their details "right". Unfortunately, when the details are not "right", being on the Internet, they are presumed to be "right". I do think it's neat that they went to the trouble to build the website in the first place.



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