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Reatta seat sale

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I am finally getting to the end of moving.

After 41 years in the same location I have moved all my collector cars, Reatta parts cars, and Reatta parts along with all 41 years of household accumulation.

At my old residence I still have some Reatta seats and am not planning on moving them so I am having a one week sale on seats.

Each piece $ 35 plus shipping. A bottom is a piece and a back portion is a piece.

These seats have no rips or tears and are in pretty good condition but may need a little cleaning in some cases.

Regular seat bottoms can be used on either pass or dr. side but backs cannot because of hinge differences. On the regular seats one hinge is stamped steel and the inside hinge is a pipe type.

16W seats are interchangeable both bottom and back but some wiring needs to be changed to make the switches correct. The leather covering is the same. One problem putting a pass 16W seat on the drivers side is the thigh support does not have the drives to move it in and out.

1 16W pass bottom blue '88-91

2 regular drivers bottom gray '88 suede

3 regular pass bottom gray '88 suede

4 regular pass back gray '88-89 suede

5 16W pass back blue '88-91

6 16W pass back tan '88-91

7 16W pass back tan '88-91

8 16W pass bottom tan '88-91

9 16W pass back tan '88-91

10 16W pass bottom blue '88-91

11 16W pass back blue '88-91

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Hi, Jim I need a grey / suede driverside back & for an 88 .... Would you have this ?

Would the passengerside back cover, switch over to the driverside back ???

Thanks again, Jeff

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# 6 is sold and nos 8 and 9 the seats are good but the tan has faded really bad.

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Received a seat back last week and it looks great, thank you Jim. Be aware the 16 way seat backs have a completely different structure to both the cover and the foam form. Wish I could use the foam form but the cover itself is mucho appreciated. Very cool and more seemingly comfortable design possibly better leather. Certainly nicer stitching over the originals in my 91.

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