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Wanted windshield regulator handle for 1929 commander

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lI need a windshield regulator handle for my 1929 Commander. Or perhaps a complete broken one that I can get recast in bronze.

Also need is correct windshield wiper arms and blades, and one windshield wiper motor.

regards Dave

email at dpkroegs@aol.com

Dave, contact Bob Kapteyn at Joliet Studebaker Parts in Joliet,

IL 815-722-7262 he reproduces or has sources for many prewar Studebaker parts.

John Shanahan

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I do not have any of the parts you listed.

I have a box full of miscellaneous handles that have not been identified.

Does anyone have a picture or part number for the crank out windshield regulator handle?

Robert Kapteyn

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