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Fastback Riv

Guest Kaber

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With a 69 Torino top, you could build one of these. Deck lid looks too much like a Valiant. Pontiac wheels. I do like the tail light.

Those were my thoughts, Exactly. Torino roof line for line!

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Looks like Ford copied it for the 68 Torino.


Did any GM guys defect to Ford a few years after that design at GM? I know Shinoda worked on both the Stingray and the Fastback Mustang. Maybe they liked the design of the roof and carried it on at Ford?


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Nice fabrication work. It's amazing how close the fender lines on the Riviera and the Torino are to each other. It also looks like the fabricator had to deal with some typical Riviera rust as well. I noticed that there are two patch panels around the wheel wells in the trunk. Without out any comments, I'm wondering if the builder took credit for the design or copied what the GM designers came up with back when.

Anyway, I'm glad that Bill Mitchell and Ned Nickles didn't go for that idea. I like the Rivs for what they are, not what they might have been.


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