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I started disassembling my '64 some time ago (a really loooooong time ago for someone my age) and I can't identify this part and it's mirror image. Can one of you frame off guys who keeps better track of your parts than I do help me identify this?


I also got a had some parts pulled from a parts car over the weekend and this came with the stuff I had pulled. Can anyone tell me what it is? I didn't see it as part of anything I told the guy to pull (trouble with yards that aren't pic-n-pull)




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I just went out and looked over my car and my pile of parts to put back on and I dont see that part. Now I do not have any AC components, I plan on going to an aftermarket set up and all my factory stuff was junk, so I trashed it. Looking at the size, is it possible thats a mount of the interior AC unit under the dash? As for the other pic, I have never seen that, its something I though would be rememberable

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