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68 442 Flickering Lights & Ticking/KnockingSound


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I have a 68 442 that initially came with idiot lights. I got a factory rally pak gauge cluster from a friend who totalled his 442. It worked perfectly in his car but when I installed it I immediately noticed flickering of all lighting and a slight ticking/knocking sound whenever the car is in a "charging" mode. If the car is at a low enough idle where the alternator is not sending voltage to the battery there is NO flickering or ticking. (The battery IS getting a charge whenever I am above idle). When I did the swap, I correctly changed the wiring into the cluster (I have the factory service manual) so that is not the problem. I even tried his voltage regulator and there was no difference. Anybody ever hear of this? HELP!

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Sounds like a ground problem. I had a 68 Buick Skylark with idiot lights and had a similar problem. The ground for the instrument panel was on the radiator core support on the driver's side. Why the factory ran the wire way up there is beyond me. The wire had a round lug on the end that was secured to the core support with a sheet metal screw. Over the years, do to electrolysis, this screw and screw hole became worn thus causing resistance in the ground to the interment panel. I replaced the sheet metal screw with a screw, lock washer and nut and solved the problem.<P>Your ground may not be in the same place, but Buick and Olds were in the same family back then.

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