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Brandon Todd

57 Buick door handles and other parts

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Hello! Ive been posting a couple pages already for things im looking for on my Buick. Sorry if it seems like Im spamming!

However, im looking for a few parts, id greatly appreciate it if anyone has them.

1. Wiper Bezel and switch

2. Outside door handles (its a 4 door HT)

3. Front passanger window glass/ frame

4. Inner taillight bezels

5. Rear bumper (ends or center)

I am also looking for a parts manual

Thank you again!


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Where are you located? I can likely help you with most of your needs. Give me a phone number and a time to call. I am in South Bend, IN


g-g-g0 on the forum.

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Hi Brandon

I will be at the Wichita Ks swap meet the 6th and 7th of Feb and Springfield Mo swap meet on the 13th and 14th of Feb. Not sure where you are at in Missouri

but i have some misc 57 buick interior parts. Nothing that is on your list but thought i would let you know if you were close to either swap meet.


John Nichols

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