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1920's International Truck parts needed

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There were major differences between IHC trucks in 1920 and 1928. In the early 20s they had a slope nose with the radiator behind the ending. Around 1922 or 23 the switched to a more conventional configuration. I have trucks of both types. I have a parts truck that is of the earlier configuration. It is in a barn and not in the back yard if that makes a difference to you.:) I may have some extra parts for the later configuration. What are you looking for?

Bill Erskine

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Hello Bill. I am currently restoring a 1921 International Model K. I am looking for clutch parts. If its something you can help me with, or if anyone else can help me that would be great. I have the part numbers at work, and I can send pictures to someone's email if you can help me. Thank you ?

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